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Amazing tales as told by the Cherokee storytellers themselves.Imagine you’re gathered around a roaring bonfire, the occasional spark shooting high into the night sky, as a strong but gentle voice begins a story you’ve never heard.Compared to Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake seems fairly dull, but appearances can be deceiving. Using multi-beam sonar mapping and seismic surveys, as well as a submersible craft, Morgan and her colleagues are gaining fresh insights into the geologic forces that are shaping this high-altitude lake that straddles the southeast margin of the 30- by 45-mile Yellowstone Caldera.The bottom of Yellowstone Lake is hydrothermally active, and scientists are studying hydrothermal vents, spires, craters, domes, rhyolitic lava flows and other evidence of glacial, tectonic and sedimentation processes that created the Yellowstone Lake of today. The caldera is the collapsed remains of a supervolcano that erupted 640,000 years ago.In 1999, Morgan's research revealed a dome - the size of seven football fields - on the bottom of the lake.That got people excited for a while, amid fears of a hydrothermal explosion that made the CBS Evening News in 2004.The first time the lake was surveyed was the Hayden Survey in 1871, a 24-day effort that gathered 300 depth readings, or data points.

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Expanded schedule for the 4th of July celebrations from June 26–July 1, 2017.Bethune (from his 1847 edition and marginal notes of Walton and Cotton’s text) and on and on and on--- the legions of angling authors: those of merit and those of fluff are seemingly without end!

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