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27-Jan-2018 01:07

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The 43-years-old award-winning actress married Michael Benson on November 3rd, 2012.After getting engaged in 2011, the couple tied the knot in a content ceremony with their friends and family in the attendance to bless the newly wed.“Bob and Rebecca want to get through this painful situation as quickly and quietly as possible,” continues the source.

Today we're going to dig deep into their personal life and be up close and personal with them.Could Michael Easton be the dubious ex that’s part of what Hayden is hiding? So far we know that Baxter Corbin was some sort of private wealth investor.Was Hayden involved with a Bernie Madoff type scam? Hayden does seem to have a very clear grasp on the business world and has been doing a good job overseeing many aspects of ELQ – so high-stakes business does seem to be part of her background. Apparently, the two have been secretly separated for some time now but they just can’t seem to make things work so have decided to make the split official. Although I hate her character on the soap, I do really like Rebecca and I think she’s an okay actress. Who didn’t fall in love with Bob Guiney during his season on “Bachelor Bob Guiney’s five year marriage to All My Children star Rebecca Budig is over!

The couple, who have been secretly separated for a few months, have decided to officially call it quits!Adding: “They have been separated for a while but hadn’t made a final decision until now.